Tuesday, July 28, 2009

* ~ Brand Spankin' & Gloriously New! ~ *

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

**Clearance Sale Update -- 20% OFF all items! Grab em quick! ;-)**

(All sold items will be deleted.)

I didn't want to post half of these, partially cos I was feeling a bit lazy, but mostly cos I was having 2nd (and 3rd, and 4th, and 5th) thoughts about parting with these :-P

Pretty much telling myself I could keep em and wear em sooo many ways for sure, especially when I model em for photo taking :-P

Eh, very nice on me wor, waaah, this looks really hot wor demmit demmit!

Aik! Aik! UrraAagghh!! *pulls hair!* >-<*

Classic Romantic Floral Black & White Satin & Velvet Dress - Available

front (modeled) - so darling feminine! love that V shape front of the skirt,
hides my knobbly knees, HAHA :-P

closeup of front
- floral print & nice big sash ribbon draws attention to the, ahem, assets ;-P

back (modeled) - love how the flowers go all the way up even at the elasticated areas ^-^
click for bigger view ya

back (flat) - the back is slightly shorter than the front

closeup of pattern - the black print is actually velvety and pops up a bit
lovely texture and contrast against the smooth shiny satin! :-)

Code: NB001
Brand: None
Size: Free (XS to small L) - thanks to stretchable elasticated back
Material: Satin with velvety floral print
Black sash is satin too
Price: RM45 (after 20% off: RM 36)
Condition: Brand New - Excellent (10/10) - never worn
Remarks: Sophisticated dress in all-time classic black & white embellished with - very elegant combo! Perfect for that hot date or little dinner outing / party at a somewhat posh-ish place with friends. Look feminine & glam without overdoing it - this dress is stunning with black heels (or black & white ones) and simple black clutch/handbag. Add a pearl necklace or simple silver one for a little accent to your neck & decolletage ;-) Goin to a function from work? This is the Perfect dress! Wear with a jacket for corporate chic and then replace jacket with a shawl or just wear on its own for a stunning evening look ;-)

Status: Available

Floral Orange Yellow Tulip Teal Satin Dress - Available

front (modeled) - i love the beautiful teal, yellow orange colour combination
& simple cutting - very chic!

front (laid flat) - swaying flowers in the breeze are concentrated at the bottom, adds a charming, playful feminine tinge to it :-)

back (modeled) - true colour closest to this

closeup of back - elasticated section has lovely floral print too - i love how the little details enhance its flair :-)

back (flat) - prints all around the back too

closeup of print & colours

Code: NB002
Brand: None
Size: Free (XS to small L) - thanks to stretchable elasticated back
Material: Satin
Price: RM45 (after 20% off: RM 36)
Condition: Brand New - Excellent (10/10) - never worn
Remarks: Gorgeous floral dress that flaunts a magnificent teal and orange, yellow pairing -- very stylishly done too. Its simple cutting is flattering for all figures, showing just a nice bit of flesh here and there - subtle sexiness! The limelight goes to the colours and prints of this fab dress - which is sure to attract some admiring glances. Great for casual or smart casual occasions. Versatile too - wear a cotton crop top or baggy sleeveless top over it to tone it down or for a layered look. Lovely for adding a hint of dazzle at work too - a refreshing change from usual cotton /polyester office wear - just put on a black / brown jacket and you're set to go. ;-)
Want bold / quirky? Go with a bright coloured blazer (yellow, orange, red) - a sizzling ensemble definitely not for the faint-hearted! ^-^

Status: Available

Miu Miu Inspired Colour Block White, Black & Red Dress - Available

If you like the bold red, white & black stripes of this quirky Miu Miu dress


If you like the ever-fun & oh-so-flamboyant colour block in a casual play dress form,

You'd probably like this one! ;-)

A very wearable version in comfy knit cotton *woohoo!!*
(please don't compare the models ya :-P
this model is your average food & fashion-crazy gal :-")

front (laid flat)

back (modeled) - sorry ya, pardon the wrinkles, didn't iron :-P
the straps are braided btw - nice touch! :-)

back (laid flat) - stripes all round & stretchable back!

Code: NB003
Brand: None
Size: Free (XS to small L) - thanks to stretchable elasticated back
Material: Soft & Comfy Knit Cotton (maybe has lycra mix cos it's very stretchable)
Price: RM50 (after 20% off: RM 40)
Condition: Brand New - Excellent (10/10) - never worn
Remarks: The Absolute Darling-est Dress with a bold playful look that can be worn & flaunted every day with ease! ;-) Strong vibrant red against the classic black & white creates a magical finesse that exclaims Funky Fun Flair! Lovely for casual outings (so versatile you can use it for layering e.g. with a boob tube, spaghetti strap top, scarf, leggings, vest, etc.), smart casual dos (just pair with a crop jacket / bolero, maybe leggings, fedora, and a nice pair of heels / booties!) and makes a superb escape piece from boring corporate wear too. Looks sharp with a black boyfriend blazer or crop jacket and black shoes. A fashionista must-have! ;-)

Status: Available

Floral Colour Block White, Black, Grey & Red Dress - Reserved

If you like the Miu Miu inspired colour block dress, you might also like this! :-)

Align Centerfront (laid flat) - stripes & bold floral prints - winning style combination! ;-)

front (modeled) - plunging neckline and peekaboo hole - IF you dare ;-) wear a tube top inside for a more discreet look :-)

closeup of front - stretchable halter neck strap

back (modeled) - sexxxyyyyy!! ;-P

Code: NB004
Brand: Is Bar
Size: Free (XS to small L) - thanks to stretchable elasticated band & neck strap
Material: Cotton (Stretchable & Comfy)
Price: RM45
Condition: Brand New - Excellent (10/10) - never worn
Remarks: Another sizzlin' hot dress that can be worn to highlight your assets or toned down with clever layering ideas. Very trendy & bold with its vivid red, black and white combo - similar to colours used in the MiuMiu dress but slightly muted by some grey. Worn on its own, it makes a great sexilicious casual piece that's guaranteed to get you lots of admiring stares or just add a white or black tube top and black leggings for a ore superb layered ensemble. Lovely for the beach too - fab dress for wearing over a bikini!

Status: Reserved

Funky Artsy Plaid N' Paisley Boho Long Top with White Inner Top - Available

front (laid flat) - magnificent prints of plaid, paisley & dainty florals

front (modeled) - makes a cute comfy mini dress :-) Worn with shiny leggings here (not included)

back (modeled) - white halter inner top stylish contrasted from the black top
- makes a great layering piece that can be worn with other tops too

front (modeled) - prefer a more tapered look? no problem! put on a clincher and voila! a new look you can sport with this versatile dress/longtop ;-)

closeup of braided neckline and straps

closeup of print *hearts*

Code: NB005
Brand: None
Size: Free (XS to small L)
Material: Not indicated.
I think the outer is polyester/chiffon (slightly sheer) and the inner is cotton

Price: RM40 (includes both outer & inner) (after 20% off: RM 32) *steal!*
Condition: Brand New - Excellent (10/10) - never worn
Remarks: Stylish 2-in-1 layer long top featuring a really nice plaid & paisley pattern, lined with small florals at the bottom. The plaid is classy reminiscent of burberry's signature pattern but not the same (thank goodness, that burberry print is everywhere now :-P) and the paisley lends an air of flamboyance & fun with a slight vintage feel to it. Very artsy, boho, carefree piece, this is! Great for casual days out - pair with shorts, leggings, skirt and strappy sandals/glads or sneakers. Hippy Hurray!! ^-^

Status: Available

Ashley Judd Minimalistic Chic Violet Unique Smocked & Pleated Top - Available

front (laid flat) - unique cutting and smocked front - subtle & classy chic!

front (modeled) - superb cutting accentuates the collarbone & neck area and shoulders too!
*hearts!* Reminds me of an Audrey Hepburn photo with her in a black dress
with a similar cut collar...hmmm

closeup of smocked neckline & pleats! - i'm lovin' these li'l chic quirky details ;-)

closeup of label

Code: NB006
Brand: Ashley Judd (yes, that's the famous actress' name & label.
This spunky lady has gone into fashion too, serious! read about it here :-)
Size: S (S to small L) - big cutting
Material: 60% Cotton, 40% Modal (stretchable)
Price: RM30 (after 20% off: RM 24)
Condition: Brand New - Excellent (10/10) - never worn
Remarks: Beautiful violet colour enhanced with stylish details that spell minimalistic chic extraordinaire! Very subtly artsy with its unique cutting that fits so elegantly to highlight the neck, collarbone & shoulders. Reminds me of Audrey Hepburn somewhat... Comfy and trendy without being loud, this top works well for casual ensembles (pair with jeans, shorts, skirt, capris, etc.) and for work (pair with jacket, vest, slacks, a-line skirt). Simply alluring - who'd ever thought casual could be so sophisticated? :-)

Status: Available

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Promo details - ** All Sorts Of Wonderful ** ;-)

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

I'm back, and needing a holiday to recover from my holiday :-P

Such a lot of sun, sand, sea.... and crazy fun & laughter (& food! & shopping too!), I'd like to share this mad light & happy feeling by giving you all a 10% discount or Free delivery/postage (you pick!) if you can pay within 24 hours of your order ^-^

Oh, and you can enjoy this offer together with Crazy RM 5 Steals too!

you ALSO get a
Special Kitschy Elephant Keychain Gift (pics below) for orders of RM100 and above ;-)

So you know the drill, just email me your order and I'll get back to you asap within 24 hours :-)

This offer applies for orders placed from 26th July and onwards, until further notice :-)


Since I've had several enquiries on how the promos work,
an example ^-^

Let's say you're interested in the
DIS Direction Skirt (Code: CD002) and Miss Sixteen Rainin Lurve top (Code: PS001)

IF you choose the 10% Discount offer

DIS Direction skirt and Miss Sixteen Rainin Lurve top = RM 12 + RM 20 = RM32 (normal price). After 10% Discount = RM 28.80

Since it's 2 items, that qualifies you to buy something from
Crazy RM 5 Steals at RM5.

So let's say you buy the Green bebe top (code: CD003) = RM 5. After 10% discount = RM 4.50

So total is RM 28.80 + RM 4.50 = RM 33.30 + Delivery (RM 6 for WM) / COD fee (RM2 or if in Pavilion, FREE)


IF you choose the FREE Delivery offer

DIS Direction skirt and Miss Sixteen Rainin Lurve top = RM 12 + RM 20 = RM32 (normal price).

And since it's 2 items, that qualifies you to buy something from Crazy RM 5 Steals at RM5.

So let's say you buy the green bebe top = RM 5.

So total is RM 32 + RM 5 = RM 37 (FREE Delivery).

So depending on how many items you buy and what sort of delivery option you choose, you can REAAALLY maximise your savings

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Short Hiatus

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

I'll be away for a short trip to an exotic little paradise island
from 23/7 Thursday (tomorrow!) till 26/7 Sunday.
Sorry (in advance) for not being able to answer any emails during this period
but keep them coming ya. I promise to answer them
on Sunday night once I'm back :-*

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pocket Full Of * Sunshine * ! ^-^

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

**Clearance Sale Update -- 20% OFF all items! Grab em quick! ;-)**

(All sold items have been deleted.)

Today's post is inspired by Warm Sunshine, Clear Blue Skies & Streams, and other elements of Mother Nature that personally make me feel loved & happy, and appreciative of the wonderful things that I have been blessed with ^-^

Oh yeah, click for bigger picture k, and some brands have links you can click thru ;-)

Liz Claiborne Artsy Suede-Lookalike Embroidered Sequinned Long Skirt - SOLD

Mustard Yellow Stripey Bow Long Top with Slight Puffy Sleeves - Available

front - very darling comfy top

Code: PS005
Brand: None
Size: Free (XS to M)
Material: Not indicated, but it's very soft, cooling and stretchy
Price: RM20
Condition: Excellent (10/10) - worn once
Remarks: This soft, soothing long top is perfect to just relax in - really nice material. Comes in a murky yellow like mustard and beautifully contrasted with a kitschy striped bow and puffy sleeves that have a slight bounce to them. Superb with leggings, jeans or short skirt - really highlights the curve of the bum - sexy!! ;-) You can also wear it with a clincher for more waist definition if you prefer. Wanna use it as a normal top? Also caaan. Just tuck it into pants, puffy skirt, mini skirt, jeans, etc. For work, tuck into slacks and throw on a jacket - ooh la la, quirky chic! ;-)

Status: Available

Ann Taylor LOFT Petites Sheer Blue Peacock / Waves / Flames Top - Available

front - fabulous figure-flattering cutting & design! *hearts*

closeup of round colar, buttons and shoulder detail

closeup of colar & label

closeup of print (true colour closest to this!)

Code: PS007
Brand: Ann Taylor LOFT Petites
Size: 2 Petite (fits XS to S only)
Material: Polyester
Price: RM42
Condition: Brand New - Excellent (10/10) - never worn
Remarks: Breathtaking, dreamy top that flatters your curves beautifully! Wonderful print that features a pattern that reminds me of peacock feathers, rolling waves, dappled clouds and dancing flames (etc., etc., I have quite an imagination :-P) - very Romantic and Sensual! *sigh*
Very artsy top for casual & workwear! Pair with shorts, jeans, mini skirt, khakis, pinafore dress, jumpsuit, and you have classy sophisticated casual flair! Wear as a light cardigan too for layering! Just throw it over a strapless / tube top, and a nice long flowy skirt for that extra romantic panache! Great for work too, just wear skin coloured bra (to be discreet) or spaghetti top inside, and pair with high waist skirt, slacks & jacket, etc. -- darling dreamy professional ensemble! :-)

Status: Available

MNG Basic Blue Knit Top - SOLD

Ben Sherman Blue Stitched Flying Dragon Tee- Available

front view (true colour closest to this - click for clearer view)

closeup of the stitched Medieval Dragon

Code: PS010
Brand: Ben Sherman
Size: S (can fit up to small M)
Shoulder: 35.5cm
Material: 92% Cotton, 8% Spandex
(Very Stretchable)

Price: RM25
Condition: Excellent (10/10) - worn once
Remarks: Another Ben Sherman tee of mine that I adore! (The other 2 tiger tees are sold.)
This features a flying dragon from medieval times - reminds me of the crest on those royal armies / knights in shining armour, protecting the castle and the kingdom! Superb style statement for those who love minimalist chic and artsy, unique designs. Versatile tee - wear with overalls or pinafore dress, shorts, denim skirt, jeans, or a black or dark blue tutu skirt (and a studded clincher -- roarrr!) for casual panache. Looks great for work too - wear under a black/brown jacket for absolute TGIF flair.

Status: Available

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Latest Additions to CRAZY ** RM 5 ** STEALS!

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

I hope your weekend has been great ^-^

I've had a heckuva great time! Just came back from a food-tasting session (sampling appetizers, mains & desserts for a soon-to-be open restaurant!) *burrrp!* ;-9 And Bon Odori yesterday was simply fab! And YES! I got my yukata (summer kimono) after much contemplation :-P

Here are some goodies I've added to the CRAZY ** RM 5 ** STEALS lineup. (marked "New Addition!")

How it works: You can buy any item here for
ONLY RM 5 when you purchase 2 or more items at non-promo price or from other sections. I'll be adding more items here so keep checking this section ;-)

means the item is still Available,
means the item is being discussed or reserved/pending payment, and
RED means the item has been sold. (I've deleted most of them for easier browsing)
I hope this makes it easier for viewing & shopping ^-^

Denim Shorts with "Racing Stripes" *New Addition - September* - Available

front view (taken with flash)

back view (taken without flash)

closeup of label (true colour closest to this)

Code: CD006
Brand: Americana Blues
Size: 5/6 (Fits S till small M) measurements will be provided asap
Material: Denim
Non-Promo Price: RM15
NOW Only RM 5*
Condition: Excellent (10/10) - worn thrice
Remarks: Denim shorts are a style staple! You can easily dress it up or down with the right top! These funky denim shorts draws attention to the side of your thighs with its black & white "racing stripes" LOL :-) A nice quirky twist to the ordinary denim shorts. Looks hot with any casual top ^-^ Letting it go for a steal cos I have like 6 or 7 denim shorts :-P

Status: Available

Flowerdrum Reversible Pouches *New Addition*
- Black Grey Stripey - Available
- Blue Tropical Floral Twirl - SOLD

- Orange Brown Stripey - Available

3 funky prints! *hearts*

A - black, grey diagonal stripes

C - orange, brown vertical stripes

close up of strong velcro fastening at handle - all 3 pouches have this

Code: CD004 (A - black, C - orange)
Brand: Flowerdrum
Total Length: 20cm, Length (minus strap): 12cm, Width: 13.5cm

Material: Not sure. Thick material
Non-Promo Price: RM10
NOW Only RM 5*
Condition: Excellent (10/10) - used once
Remarks: Assorted fun prints on quirkily shaped pouches. Excellent for short little casual outings when you don't want to lug around a big bag. Handy for holding a handphone, wallet & keys. Also great for isolating your essentials from the other stuff in your big bag for easy access (especially if your bag doesn't come with any (or enough) inner pockets). So instead of digging around for keys, wallet, hp, ipod, cosmetics, you can keep them in separate pouches and just feel around easily for a pouch ;-)

Status: A - black - Available, B - blue - SOLD, C - orange - Available

16 September Update -- I just recently discovered I have another exact one!
I can't remember why I bought 2 though... :-P

Bright Lime Green "Bebe" Spaghetti Top *New Addition*
- 1 Sold, 1 Available!

front view - adjustable straps

back view

closeup of bling 'bebe'

Code: CD003
Brand: Bebe (non-authentic)
Size: Free (Best for XS till M)
Material: Not indicated (Very Comfy & Stretchable Knit)
Non-Promo Price: RM12
NOW Only RM 5*
Condition: Brand New - Excellent (10/10) - never worn
Remarks: Bright zesty lime green top with bling 'bebe' logo says chic diva with attitude! Superb comfy stretchy material makes this wearable anywhere. Looks hot hot hot with shorts, mini skirt, jeans, capri pants, flowy long boho skirt - casual with sizzling style! Want to jazz work wear up? No problem, wear this top under a jacket and skirt / pants suit (black, white, cream) and you're hot to go! ;-)

Status: 1 Sold, 1 Available

*Bling* "Dot Matrix / Pixel Art Retro Star Faces" Red White Halter Top
- Available

Recognise any of the stars here? ;-)

Retro bling print all around the back too!

Close-up - can you see the dot matrix / pixel art-ish effect? :-)

Code: MJ002
Brand: None
Size: Not indicated - Can fit XS to small M
Material: Not Indicated (Shimmery sort & Stretchable)
Non-Promo Price: RM18
NOW Only RM 5*
Condition: Excellent (9/10) - worn twice
Remarks: Very artsy Tribute To The Stars Of YesterYears top with pixel-art / dot matrix formed images of hot celebs back then, like Marilyn Monroe. Slinky tight-fitting halter neck top with adjustable tie around the neck. Great for casual wear with attitude - just pair with any casual bottom. I'd go with a hot red miniskirt, red tutu skirt or fire engine red skinny jeans. I've worn this to work under a white jacket and pants - and trust me, it's a fab attention-grabber ;-)
Take off the jacket and go straight for a hot date or party with effortless style!

Status: Available

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