Monday, September 28, 2009

*CLEARANCE SALE* for July (in addition to June) Items

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

I was rummaging through my clothes this morning for something bright & funky to wear to beat the Monday work blues ^-^. And seeing my goin thru my mountainous piles of pretty dresses, my darling fiance reminded me about our Dire, Dire Lack Of Space *sigh*. And so...

it's S-A-L-E time... Again!
Need to clear space SPACE Precious SPaCe! :-P

So ALL July Items *click* & June Items *click*
are now 20% Off.
Plus ++ Buyers who pay within 24 hours get free delivery/postage!

BTW, I've deleted the sold/unavailable items for easier browsing ;-)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Super Starry Sunday Long Tops! Only 1 Left

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Hope your weekend has been great so far ^-^
Here's another 2 Brand New racerback tops I grabbed cos they're so Bright & Beautiful
that I'm letting go to make some space ;-P

Fabulous as a mini dress for petites, or with a short skirt, leggings, jeans, etc. ;-)
Awesome casual celebrity style that is very cheery & fun!

Super Starry Sunday PROMO - Enjoy 10% Off AND Free Postage
if you pay within 24 hours ;-)

Stargazer Yellow Racerback Long Top/Mini Dress - Available
(Pink Sold)



Code: SS002
Free (XS to M)
Chest - Pit to pit (36cm), Length (66.5cm)
Material: Cotton (Stretchable)
Price: RM 25 (After 10% off - RM22.50)
Condition: Brand New with tag (10/10)
Status: Available

Saturday, September 26, 2009

*CLEARANCE SALE* for June Items!

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Hurray for the weekend! ^-^
I'm looking at the sorry congested state of my room and thought, what the heck.
I reckon it's high time... For what? LOL. What else? ;-P

It's S-A-L-E time!

Need to clear space SPACE Precious SPaCe!

So ALL June Items

are now 20% Off.
Plus ++ Buyers who pay within 24 hours get free delivery/postage!

BTW, I've deleted the sold/unavailable items for easier browsing ;-)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Only RM35! Quirky Tees & Tops!

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Just a quickie update. I found some fun quirky long tops / mini dresses that I couldn't help but grab. All adorably kitschy pieces great for looking your best during casual outings ^-^
Wear on its own or with leggings, jeans, etc.
Love how it's so convenient and yet effortlessly stylish!

'All Kinds of Wonderful' PROMO - Buyers who pay within 24 hours can choose either 10% Off or Free Postage ;-)

Geeky Doggy Black Long Top/Mini Dress - Available

front - so cute! *hearts!*

back - artsy photo negative back!

Code: LToo1
Size: Free (S to small L)
Measurements: Chest - Pit to Pit (43cm), Length (78cm)
Material: Cotton
Price: RM 35 (After 10% off - RM31)
Condition: Brand New (10/10)
Status: Available

Royal Deer Black Long Top/Mini Dress - Available

front - hand-drawn effect - very artsy! ;-)

back - smaller version of the deer behind

Code: LToo2
Size: Free (XS to M)
Chest - Pit to pit (40.5cm), Length (76.5cm)
Material: Cotton
Price: RM 35 (After 10% off - RM31)
Condition: Brand New (10/10)
Status: Available

(Boho dress sold)

Monday, September 21, 2009

HOT Evening / Prom / Dinner Dress Promo

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Guess what! Since it's the festive raya season and I feel like celebrating somewhat (in a way other than stuffing my face with my fav rendang & serunding, that is :-P)
plus these beautiful dress & shawl sets are just taking up too much space *sigh*
(more than the usual dresses cos they're made of good quality, thick material),
I'm offering them at
BOTH the 10% off price + FREE POSTAGE!

1 dress & shawl set - Now RM72 inclusive postage *insane steal!!* ^-^

2 dress & shawl sets - Now RM135 inclusive postage
- That's Only RM67.50 each!)
*total madness!!!*

Come grab 'em now!!! ;-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sultry-Divalicious-Glamourous YOU! ;-)

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Exquisitely elegant dresses in superb shimmery material that is SIMPLY DIVINE! ^-^
Tease & tempt like a sultry vixen, enchant like an angelic princess, mesmerize like a glamourous celebrity diva, or captivate like a graceful sophisticated lady in high style ;-)

These are brand new Dress & Shawl sets I stumbled upon and just had to get them :-) I've kept 2 for myself and I'm sharing the other 4 with you all. WHEEEE!!! ^-^

Why I like 'em:
  • Adjustable shoulder straps! (show as much or as little cleavage as you like ;-P)
  • Stretchable smocked back AND pretty sash for a sexy figure-flattering fit
  • Hidden side zipper (ensures waist definition for curvaceous allure ;-) )
  • Matching simple shawl to add that li'l extra panache but not steal the glory away from your dress ;-)
  • Fabulous material that's not too loud or shiny but just so classy - plus it's comfy and makes your skirt feel nice & swishy when you sashay down in style. *hearts!* Simply put, it makes you feel like a million dollars ^-^
  • Perfect for making an impact at that prom/ball, evening soiree, big dinner, special hot date, etc. etc. :-)

Size: Free (S to small L)
Material: Not indicated. Thick matte shimmery satin (very classy!)
Condition: All Brand NEW

Click on images for bigger view ya.

Goes for at least RM100 in boutiques :-P But you can grab em here for only...
Normal Price: RM80 each
(*after 10% off : RM72 each) *steal!!* ^-^

Buy 2 for RM150 (*after 10% off: RM135
- That's Only RM67.50 each!)
*crazy crazy steal!!!*

And believe it or not, I'm still having that promo
--> "All Sorts of Wonderful" Promo so if you can pay within 24 hours of my email to you, you get to choose either 10% Off *or FREE Postage ^-^

Glam & Glorious Silver Pewter - Available
Code: SGoo1

front with shawl



Sultry Beautiful Black - Available
Code: SGoo2

front with shawl



Divine Breathtaking Blue - Available
Code: SGoo3

front with shawl



Sweet Elegance Creamy Ivory - Available
Code: SGoo4

front with shawl

front with shawl


Sultry DIVALICIOUS Glamour - Evening/Prom Dresses! PREVIEW

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Crazy busy here >_<,
but I promise to put these and more details up



Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Mad Midnight Post @-@ - SOLD!

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Ah, the day before Friday, yay! :-P Everyone was making a huge deal about 090909 yesterday, hahaha. So today they'll go gaga over 10092009 :-P

This is the last of the "One A Day" series, cos I can only count up to 10 in Spanish, LOL :-P (And I'm just too lazy and crazy busy to search for the info online lah)

So for a GRAND FINALE, here's something to end it with a Big Bang, hehe. (A new dress I bought and haven't posted cos I planned to wear it for a party back then, but then didn't cos I was told at the last minute that it's a "Ravishing Red" theme party :-P )

At a bargain price.

So come grab it ;-) Click on images for a bigger view.

Oh and I think I sound like a broken record, but
hey! "-__-
As usual, the "All Sorts of Wonderful" Promos apply for buyers who pay within 24 hours :-)

AND (don't you just love these little extras)
if you buy this dress, you're entitled to RM10 off
(the normal price) for any other dresses here ;-) Yes, even that exquisite Miu Miu-inspired one :-P And ya RM10 to commemorate 10-09-2009 ;-P

Item Numero Diez #10 !

"Sexy Sophistication" Black Satin & Velvet w. Asymmetrical Hem Tube Dress - Available

front modeled with black bra
- full flowing skirt with asymmetrical hem *hearts!*

front modeled with tube/strapless bra

front laid flat (really love the big full skirt!)

back modeled - smocked back & sash for figure-flattering fit!

back laid flat

closeup (taken with flash so it's clearer)
of superb velvet arabesque design, pops up slightly - very beautiful effect :-)
(gawd i love these li'l exquisite details!)

Code: DS010
Brand: none
Size: Free size
Material: Not indicated. I think Thick Satin with Velvet detailing
Price: RM 35 (After 10% off - RM31)
Condition: Brand New (10/10)

Beautiful dress in all-versatile classic black satin that highlights your feminine charms to their best :-) Show off that sexy neck and shoulders as the lovely gold lines direct attention to the chest and waist, while the full *swish swirl sashay* skirt featuring exquisite velvet detailing draws admiring gazes to your legs as you walk! Fabulous for parties, semi-formal dos! You can wear it with a black strap bra if you don't like tube/strapless bras and pair with a shawl / bolero for a more glamourous evening look! Go from work to a hot date by just putting on a blazer/jacket for corporate chic and remove it for sultry sophistication! ;-)

Status: Available

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Numero Ocho!~ One Fashion Steal A Day Makes Everyday A Winning Day :-)

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Howzit goin? All great I hope! :-)
I'm goin crazy trying to stay sane today, LOL :-P

Here's a little something that is Truly Sensational that I had a hard time parting with. Cos I've always had a soft spot for army prints. And as a result, many army print shorts, tops, jackets, slacks and even bandanas :-P *shy!*

So (reluctantly) letting one go... Click on the images for a bigger view k. Email me to reserve before I change my mind, lol :-P

As usual, the "All Sorts of Wonderful" Promos apply for buyers who pay within 24 hours :-)

Item Numero Ocho #8 !

"Rugged Sweetness" Army Camouflage Tattoo Rose Wings Motif Top - Available

front view - love that artsy rose with wings print with word "FOREVER"
against the camouflage print! meloikes bigtime! ^-^

back view (true colour closest to this but pic is a bit dark...)

closeup of label & lacey trim

Code: DS008
Brand: STOP
Size: I'm not sure if "CH" is the size but it fits XS to small M
Material: Not indicated. Most likely Cotton (comfy & stretchable)
Price: RM 25 (After 10% off - RM22.50)
Condition: Excellent (10/10) - worn once

A rare find! Sometimes you get nice colours but awful prints and vice-versa, or nice prints & colours but only on a huge guy's shirt so this is almost heavensent for enthusiasts of the stylish army print! ^-^ This top features a beautifully executed artsy merge of the rugged army camouflage print with a contrasting sweet red lace trim and rose & angel wings tattoo! And the word "FOREVER" just says it all! So chic & totally endearing. All you need is any simple bottom and you're all set to rock that tough babe look ;-)

Status: Available

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Numero Cinco & Sies!~One Fashion Steal A Day Makes The Weekend Much More Fun, YAY! ;-P

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

I missed a post yesterday *sorrrryyyy!* :-P So to make it up, I'm posting 2 steals today ;-)
Both hoodies. I have soooo many hoodies it's not funny :P Shall part with these and maybe the rest a little later :-"

Click on the images for a bigger view k. Lemme know if you need modeled pics...

As usual, the "All Sorts of Wonderful" Promos apply for buyers who pay within 24 hours :-)

Item Numero Cinco #5 !
Juicy Girl Black & Gold Velour Striped Hoodie - SOLD

Item Numero Sies #6 !

Holister Crimson HCO Bird Logo Hoodie - Available

front view - love that bird against the 'O' ^-^

back view - with zigzaggy lines at the side

closeup of label

Code: DS006
Brand: Holister
Size: S (fits up to M)
Measurements: will be provided ASAP
Material: Cotton
Price: RM 40 (After 10% off - RM36) *hot!*
Condition: Brand New with tag (10/10)

Simple hoodie that speaks of old-school charm and appeal. Lovely reddish colour and artsy HCO print embellished with Holister's unmistakable flying bird logo makes this piece eyecatching without being too in your face. It has this endearing quality, an understated cool factor and somewhat preppy attractiveness *hearts* ^-^
Looks superb with jeans and any casual ensemble :-)

Status: Available

Friday, September 4, 2009

Numero CUATRO! One Fashion Steal A Day Makes Friday Feel Like A Holiday! ;-)

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Hurray! TGIF!!! ^-^ I can hardly wait for the weekend (even though I still have some work to finish up :-P). And here's something to brighten up your Friday even more :-)

Something casual and fun, and with a subtle rocker/punk chic hint to it.
Hot. Hot. Steal. Haha.
Click on the images for a bigger view k. Lemme know if you need modeled pics...

As usual, the "All Sorts of Wonderful" Promos apply for buyers who pay within 24 hours :-)

Item Numero Cuatro #4 !

Artsy Rugged Chic Tattoo Print Stripey Tunic / Dress - Available

front view - love the funky contrast! :-)

back view

closeup of grey perforated layer & 'hand-drawn' tatoo print *sooo artsy! meloikes!~*
with words"Peace Through Power"

(sorry didn't iron so the grey cloth folded up a bit :-P)

close up of ruched sides, material
and lovely "colour-pencil-drawn" stripes *hearts!*

Code: DS004
Brand: none
Size: Free Size (XS(for slouchy/layered look) to L)
Material: Soft Cotton
Price: RM 20 (After 10% off - RM18) *bargain!*
Condition: Brand New (10/10)
Fabulous casual long top / tunic that looks great with leggings, shorts, denim/leather mini skirt, or on its own with booties / sandals! ^-^ Can be a mini dress for petites. The grey perforated piece adds a stylish contrast against the soft soothing colour-pencil drawn-like stripes in blues and greens. Further accented by the vibrant bluish-purplish tattoo print "Peace Through Power" a la rocker/punk chic style ;-) Adds a little edge and attitude to this sweet long top. Nice and artsy - excellent casual statement top! :-)

Status: Available

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Numero TRES!~ One Fashion Steal A Day Keeps Wardrobe Blues Away, Ay Ay!

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Another lovely item that I recently bought and not worn :-P
Love the varying tones & quirky details! Perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life ;-) Click on the images for a bigger view k.

As usual, the "All Sorts of Wonderful" Promos apply for buyers who pay within 24 hours :-)

Item Numero Tres, #3 !

Cheery Stripey Aeropostale Apple Lime Green Top - Available

top modeled
(taken without flash)

front view (taken with flash)

back view (taken with flash)

closeup of label & material

Code: DS003
Brand: Aeropostale
Size: S (fits S to M)
Material: Soft Cotton
Price: RM 30 (After 10% off - RM27) *bargain!*
Condition: Brand New (10/10)

A cheery apple lime green cotton top that's unique! and so soft and comfy that whispers "chic style & excellent taste" for college, work, and even smart casual flair. Superbly happy happy colour that is not too bright or loud but has lovely tones of green in figure-flattering stripes lightly accented by white bzzzpp! bzzpp! lines (haha, this is what it's like to me lah, pardon my weird descriptions ;-P) just enough to catch the eye. Very lovely details and stylish in that sense ^-^ Pair with any casual bottom or with an A line or high waist skirt or pants to liven up your work day with finesse! ;-)

Status: Available

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Numero Dos! One Fashion Steal A Day Keeps The Week Day Blues Away, Yay Yay

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Hokay darls, it's time for mid-week celebrations as Thursdays & Fridays come and go by more quickly than dreary Mondays & Tuesdays. Well, to me lah, that is, LOL ;-P

Here's number 2 up for grabs. If you like it, email me or fill in the form to reserve ya ^-^

As usual, the "All Sorts of Wonderful" Promos apply for buyers who pay within 24 hours :-)

Here's a little dress that's in trend with Fall 09's emphasis on structure and strong shoulders, but not too loud or big, so it's amazingly easy to pull off ;-)

Item Numero Dos, #2 !

Nude/Beige Satin Floral Slight Edgy Shoulder Dress - Available
(Ah, just realised, CHAMPAGNE would be a better colour description! ^-^)

dress modeled - just love the glam edgy look! ^-^

front view (taken without flash)

back view (taken with flash)

closeup of neckline, buttons and material *hearts!* :-)

Code: DS002
Brand: Zero
Size: 36 (fits S to M)
Material: Satin Floral
Price: RM 45 (After 10% off - RM40.50) *steal!*
Condition: Brand New (10/10)

My heart leaped when I saw this dress! So I bought 2!!! :-P But I'm thinking I should let one go and make some room in my wardrobe for my numerous other stuff even though a small part of me thinks it might be good to keep it as a spare, just in case "-_- Anyway, love the posh factor thanks to the shimmery floral satin and the exquisite cutting of the dress. Love how it incorporates a bit of structure thanks to the shoulders but doesn't go overboard and make it hard to wear. Superb for smart casual do's (just pair with gladiator heels or sandals or booties and if you like, replace the sash with a nice thick clincher, wowee!)
or for workwear with an attitude! ;-)

Status: Available
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