Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry I've Been Away

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Sorry dears, I had to go off on a small emergency from Friday till yesterday,
(problems with the house, tenant, etc. *sigh* -- not quite settled everything yet,
but there's progress... :-) so things are looking up!)

BUT I'm back TODAY! :-P

I'm replying all your emails now and I'd really like to
thank you for being patient and understanding ^-^
Those of you who sent emails and sms-es to see if I was ok, gosh... I'm really touched...
Thanks for your concern... Made me smile, & dissipated the stress, hehe *hugs!* ^-^

So, to show my appreciation & gratitude, I'm figuring out some promo for all of you.
Stay tuned! ;-)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Prom / Evening Dress & Shawl Sets - CRAZY PROMO

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Christmas and New Year is around the corner so
here's a further reduction on these exquisite dress & shawl sets.
Time to really clear them cos they are just taking up too much space *sigh*
(more than the usual dresses cos they're made of good quality, thick material),
I'm offering them at
*insane steal!!* ^-^

(click to view old price & post here)

Why They're Hot (and why i kept 2 for myself :P) :

They are SIMPLY DIVINE! ^-^

Tease & tempt like a sultry vixen, enchant like an angelic princess, mesmerize like a glamourous celebrity diva, or captivate like a graceful sophisticated lady in high style ;-)

  • Adjustable shoulder straps! (show as much or as little cleavage as you like ;-P)

  • Stretchable smocked back AND pretty sash for a sexy figure-flattering fit

  • Hidden side zipper (ensures waist definition for curvaceous allure ;-) )

  • Matching simple shawl to add that li'l extra panache
    but not steal the glory away from your dress ;-)

  • Fabulous material that's not too loud or shiny but just so classy - plus it's comfy and makes your skirt feel nice & swishy when you sashay down in style. *hearts!*
    Simply put, it makes you feel like a million dollars ^-^

  • Perfect for making an impact at that prom/ball, evening soiree, big dinner, special hot date, etc. etc. :-)

Size: Free (S to small L)
Material: Not indicated. Thick matte shimmery satin (very classy!)
Condition: All Brand NEW

Click on images for bigger view ya.

Goes for at least RM100 in boutiques :-P But you can grab em here for only...
Normal Price: RM80 each
(that's the old price, offer is now RM 68 + FREE POSTAGE! )
*total madness!*

P.S. Purchase any other item on my site, and get it for _only RM60!_

Email me at funkyfinds.fashionista @ gmail.com or fill in the form below ;-)

Glam & Glorious Silver Pewter - Available
Code: SGoo1

front with shawl



Sultry Beautiful Black - Available
Code: SGoo2

front with shawl



Divine Breathtaking Blue - Available
Code: SGoo3

front with shawl



Sweet Elegance Creamy Ivory - Available
Code: SGoo4

front with shawl

front with shawl


Come grab 'em now!!! ;-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

*ANOTHER CLEARANCE* Aug (in addition to June & July)

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

I'm so glad it's finally _Almost_ Friday ;-P
My fiance and I will be getting ready for renovations for our new home soon... so that only means that I need to clear more stuff before we shift :-S
Oh boy... -_-

And since I don't have the time to snap more pics and post more stuff up, I guess this can only mean one thing for now...

it's S-A-L-E time... Again!

are now 20% Off.
Plus ++ Buyers who pay within 24 hours get FREE delivery/postage!

BTW, I''ll be deleting the sold/unavailable items (when i have the time >-<) for easier browsing ;-)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Mish Mash of Newbies ^-^

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Just a quick one without individual descriptions cos I'm crazy busy :-(
But I'm so looking forward to the weekend, yay! ^-^

Here are some li'l treasures of mine that are new and unworn... all up for grabs ;-P

All chic and darling in their own unique way. Style them as you wish, let your imagination set your fashion whims free ;-)

Click for bigger view k.

AND...What's a post without a promo? :-P
FREE POSTAGE for buyers who pay within 24 hours! ^-^

Email me at funkyfinds.fashionista[at]gmail.com or fill in the form to order ya :-)

Retro-Inspired Purple, B&W Plaid Textured Mini Skirt
- Available

front (same throughout the back too)
- beautiful woven material! rare fashion gem! *hearts!*

hidden side zipper

closeup of label & lining

Code: MM001
Size: S
(fits XS to S)
Measurements: Waist (32cm), Length (37cm)
Material: 30% wool, 70% polyester (fully lined with silky lining)
Price: RM 30
Condition: Brand New (10/10)
Status: Available

Hot Neon Lime Green Kappa Track Bottoms - SOLD

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