Saturday, January 23, 2010

CLEARANCE SALE - 50% OFF your 2nd Piece, etc ! :-O

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

I've finally got the keys to my new house (YAY! ^-^) and I've been crazy busy with contractor briefings and quote comparisons and negotiations, furniture & appliance shopping, and research on interior design, paint colours, and gawshmyheadsurefrigginhurts! =___=
It's my 1st time so it's a bit of a challenge, but it's pretty fun too I guess, hehe :-)

So now I've gotta Really REALLY Clear Stuff
so it'd be easier for me to move to Za Neu Hausz...>-<

So 1st piece you buy is 30% OFF,
2nd piece onwards is 50% OFF.

Postage is a flat RM6 (WM) and RM8 (EM) no matter how many pieces you buy ;-)
Applicable for all older / previous posts only.

The Absolutely Perfect TIME & OPPORTUNITY for all you fashionistas to grab superb Unique pieces for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year at Super Duper Bargain prices ^-^

Place your orders at now!

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