Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry I've Been Away

Heya Funky Fashionistas!

Sorry dears, I had to go off on a small emergency from Friday till yesterday,
(problems with the house, tenant, etc. *sigh* -- not quite settled everything yet,
but there's progress... :-) so things are looking up!)

BUT I'm back TODAY! :-P

I'm replying all your emails now and I'd really like to
thank you for being patient and understanding ^-^
Those of you who sent emails and sms-es to see if I was ok, gosh... I'm really touched...
Thanks for your concern... Made me smile, & dissipated the stress, hehe *hugs!* ^-^

So, to show my appreciation & gratitude, I'm figuring out some promo for all of you.
Stay tuned! ;-)

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